Our Services

Pre-Registration Assessment

Assistance with the application and preperation for registration.

CPD, merSETA based and National Certificate

Continuous Professional Development. Registered with our Association and with 

merSETA based Skills Programs and Unit Standards.

Online and in person Training

Online Training: with Theory Subject matter experts in the different disciplines of a LMI.

In Person Training: with Practical Training at our Accredited Training Partner.

Our Courses

1. CPD/IPD LMI Courses

The LMI & DMR. 18

Hydraulics used in the Lifting Industry

Chainblocks and Lever Hoists SANS 500

Overhead Cranes SANS 10375

Forklifts SANS 10388

Transducers in the lifting Industry


Vehicle Hoists SANS 71

Tail lifts SANS 10302

2. SETA Skills Programmes 
based on Unit Standards Fully accredited 

Workplace Safety

Assistant Slinger and Load Handler

Slinger and Load Handler

General Workshop Assistant

Assistant Slinger and Banks Man

Slinger Banks Man

Basic Handler of manual lifting equipment in a rigging environment

3. National Certificate in Lifting Machinery Inspections

NQF Level:

Course Title:


National Certificate Mechanical Handling: Rigging: Manufacturing and Engineering


National Certificate: Mechanical Handling: Rigging: Manufacturing and Engineering


Future Education and training Certificate: Mechanical Handling: Rigging M: Manufacturing and Engineering

Success Stories

With regards to the CPD ONLINE format.

1. I have learnt quite a few things in terms of having to hunt and really read up on a few of the questions asked.

2. I have attended quite a few CPD courses, you do it as it is a requirement, and you do not always walk away having learnt much.

3. In this format you have too, think out of the box and research quite a few documents to get to the correct answer some of the questions are quite tough and if you do not read up on it you will not pass.

4.I only hope that we can have more of this format on CPD, I spent 6 years in Zambia and could not attend any CPD courses during that time I was quite worried that I would not get to renew my LMI and this will resolve the problem that many of us LMI’S face working out of SA.

5. The added value is that I can now go back and see what questions I did not get right, and this is always a good thing as you can see where your shortfall is, learning from where you totally missed the question.

- Charles
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17 Years of Experience

LMI Academy has been in the industry for 17 years. Collectively we have more than 50 years experience in the Hydraulic, Lifting, Electric and Electronic industries.

Our Team

K. Greenwood Registered LMI

M. Harris Nated Courses

L. G. Harris BCom

S. G. Watkins BTech

18+ Courses

7 Full Skills Programs Courses.